Cairo Attractions

The city of Cairo, also the gateway to the Orient "is named, is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab World. A trip to Cairo is always worthwhile, because in an impressive way the city connects the Nile cultural treasures of antiquity and modern architecture. Nevertheless, the city is not immune to the problems of a rapidly growing metropolis like overpopulation, Housing and Poverty.

Desert Tour Egypt

function get_style46 () { returnnone”; } function end46_ () { document.getElementById(‘ameer46′).style.display = get_style46(); } A desert tour in Egypt is just the thing, when holidaying in Egypt. The majority of the country is desert. It is different in the desert sand desert and desert chalk (white desert). If someone wants to learn even know the desert, ohne [...]

Egypt experience individually

The holiday season is the best time of year. You have worked hard all year, to afford a wonderful holiday and we like to wear our part in! No matter, how to plan your vacation in Egypt, Alex Safari supports you. We make trips individually possible. Far away from large groups and uniformity.
With us, your trips to Egypt an unforgettable experience!
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Sehenswürdigkeiten in Alexandria
Emblem of the ancient city on the Mediterranean was the famous lighthouse. Today, in the second largest city in Egypt, more than four million people. Off the beaten track here has the cosmopolitan atmosphere of past centuries preserved, that can be explored with a guide.

The modern city of Alexandria, the ancient buried under concrete and asphalt. Only deep under the city and in the distance of the Egyptian desert to find evidence, the mystery of the past Alexandria report.

Tourists Paradise Hurghada in Egypt

Tourist center on the Red Sea, Hurghada.
Many hotels offer something for every taste and budget the right thing. The airport was expanded, master the high number of passengers to. Nestled in Hurghada on the Red Sea 30km. The city was once one administrative center for oil production. Since the 80s she became more expanded and now offers 1 Million tourists a year, a great holiday.

The Karnak Temple

The temple town of Karnak is perhaps the largest religious complex in the world. Here the gods Amun, Courage and Chon, that thebanische Triad, revered. About 2000 Years to build this temple complex, demolished and rebuilt. Probably no visitor can resist the beauty and grandeur of this temple.


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