Green river

Unbelievable but true-this is not about the Main River near Frankfurt, but a lovingly tended garden on the bank of the Nile in the heart of Cairo.

Kiss of the Sphinx

Möchten Sie solch ein Foto auch von sich haben? Unsere Reiseleiter sind stets bemüht, die schönsten Ansichten ihres Landes in der Welt zu verbreiten und kennen viele schöne Stellen für spektakuläre Fotos!

A giant, larger than the pyramid

Would you also like a picture of himself? Our guides know the places from which you can make the best pictures. They have a vested interest, the most beautiful parts of their homeland to spread throughout the world.

Interior view of a pyramid

So closely is the course in the middle pyramid of Pharaoh Khafre. It should be reasonably fit to be on his feet-that's not for completely untrained or people with claustrophobia.

Pyramid of the road

As you drive along the road unaware and looks left and-oops- there are already the pyramids! So completely banal side of the road and yet so unique.


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