More 3 Roofs / 2 Nights White Desert and Oasis Bahariya

If you want to take a trip into nature, he will not soon forget, should travel to the White Desert in Egypt. This desert is a unique natural phenomenon, wonderfully beautiful and fantastic as they were not real. The White Desert of Egypt lies in the interior and far away from border areas, which were sometimes dangerous for tourists in the past.
The White desert is a bizarre landscape of weathered, surreal rock formations of chalk. These were created over millions of years, as the continuation of erosion by wind and sand. Seeming especially these formations appear at sunrise- and sunset. They protrude several meters high in the sky and remember, depending on the perspective of animals and fungi.
The landscape has exceeded all desert landscapes, have you seen so far and is reminiscent of a snowy landscape.

Kreidefels in der Weißen Wüste

Cretaceous rocks in the White Desert

Description White Desert Excursion:

A 7.00 Clock in the morning to be picked up from your hotel in Cairo and the journey into the desert southwest. First stop is the oasis of Bahariya, it is about 350km from Cairo. After arrival, you first eat a delicious Egyptian lunch at the oasis. Explore the oasis after a meal and take a look at the grave of Bannantiu, the well-preserved paintings has. Furthermore, you can watch a well-preserved temple from the time of Alexander the Great (The Moftilla). He has beautiful reliefs, are still obtained good. From Englisberg you can enjoy the beautiful view over the whole oasis. Discover the mineral springs with 40 Degree sulfur hot water in the desert, before the journey continues.

Just before sunset, about 130 km further, reach your target a small Bedouin village in the White Desert. There, the camel driver waiting for the camels to you and off you go to the back of a camel into the sunset. A true spectacle of nature awaits you, brings you the unforgettable memories.
After that, the dinner cooked and sparked a fire. With coffee, Tea and water pipe (Shisha) experience, as night falls and with it a calm and quiet, one has never been in a city. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the camp fire and look at the black sky with thousands of stars, that is seen quite clearly. On moonless nights You can mount even the Milky Way visible to the naked eye!
This evening you will not forget so quickly!

The next morning, had breakfast early and then it continues on the camel. Explore until the afternoon, the beautiful rock formations of the White Desert and see surreal formations like meter high pigeons, Kamle or fungi.
In the shade of an acacia tree, you can have lunch and take a break. Then you ride on through the desert until the sun goes down.
Enjoy another wonderful evening in the glow of the camp Feueres and stars and shooting stars above you.

The next morning we picked up at your Jeep and take new, wonderful impressions back to Cairo.

Urlaub in der Weißen Wüste in Ägypten

Holidays in the White Desert in Egypt

Our services for your vacation in the White Desert:

-Transfer to and from Cairo
-German-speaking tour guide around the Clock
-Breakfast, Lunch and dinner during your travel time (including drinks)
-Camel riding in the desert
-Cover, Pillows and tents to spend the night in the desert

Prices per person:

Prices and the latest information on our tours is available

on our recent (and beautiful!) Page

Children 6-12 Years pay half price.

After booking we ask for a deposit of 10%, you of course in case of any cancellation received back.

Do you have any questions about this tour through the White Desert? Would you book? With our Contact You can reach us at any time!

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