Hurghada-Cairo trip 2 Roofs

Sehenswürdigkeiten Kairo

Enjoy the sights of Cairo in 2 Days

Experts say, you'd need to get to know the superficial huge city of Cairo at least 4 Roofs.

Well, Your Beach vacation should not even be neglected, Therefore, we offer shorter Entertainment in the Arab metropolis!

However, we can only recommend, for a trip from Hurghada to Cairo 2 Days to schedule. For if you see this city at night. For if in the night, the city Cairo another image from. It shines in an endless sea of light, flashing neon signs and gleaming, Tues advertise for a new Egyptian movie or for western pleasure a la Coca Cola, Cairo candy-colored tint.

Almost all big hotels (Center of the upper social life) Download in modern clubs to belly dance shows with a superstar.

In the fine pubs and nightclubs to drink the kids pay homage to the rich and gin cocktails, and the MTV culture across west, that of satellite TV to his doorstep.

And if one then looks out over the Nile, you can see the lit and colorfully decorated Ausflugsboote their rounds, Couples stroll along the Nilpromenade and enjoy the pleasant night air. Great children until late at night on the streets and everything looks like a giant fairground.

The lightness of the night seems the concerns and the oppressive heat of the day to forget. Perhaps the very night the city of Cairo is so adorable.

Join us for Cairo in a small tour group of 2-6 People!

Experience a trip to Cairo with a private speaking perfect German tour guide, of there only for you is!

There will be no sales events!

Tourbeschreibung Hurghada-Cairo 2 Roofs:

You will be asked by your hotel 3.00 Clock in the morning on time pick up and travel in an air-conditioned Microbus. The experienced driver will drive you safely and comfortably through the desert and they should be comforted to sleep a little, because at night you can see anything anyway.

The drive from Hurghada to Cairo takes to break ca. 6 Hours.

Against 9.00 Clock If you are in Cairo and go to first to the Egyptian Museum, where your guide is waiting for you.

You visit with him the Egyptian Museum, He will answer all your questions and is only for your small group.

Then you can enjoy a genuine Egyptian lunch and then visit the Alabaster Mosque, as the most beautiful mosque in the world is.

Then it's the largest bazaar of the Arab world, the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, the meeting point of all social strata and religious.

For about the bazaar 1 Hours scheduled (long time on request), then it goes to the hotel, depending, what have you booked, a 4 *- hotel or 5 *- Hotel.

After check-in you have some time, to rest and do send for the night in Cairo.

The evening Cairo You have at your disposal. For an additional fee, you can tone- Book and light show at the Pyramids.

The next morning you are to 9.00 Clock picked up at the hotel and it goes straight to the Pyramids and the Sphynx. In well 3 Hours you have time, the pyramids to look. Then we head Sakkara, there it is again a delicious lunch for you and after you visit the Step Pyramid of Saqqara.

Against 16.00 Clock it is time, to leave the city of Cairo and set off to Hurghada. Around 22.00 Clock, you are back at your hotel and can say, that one of the 7 have seen wonders.

Have fun!

Pyramide in Kairo

The benefits of your trip to Cairo at a glance:

-2 Days private guide in Cairo

-Sightseeing of the following attractions in Cairo:

-Egyptian Museum (Mummy Room at an additional cost)
-Alabaster-Moschee (Mohamed-Ali-Moschee)
-Tour of the bazaar Khan el-Khalili
-Übernachtung ink. Breakfast in hotel or 4 *- 5 *- Hotel (desired)
-the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx
-die Stufenpyramide von Sakkara
-2x typisch ägyptisches Essen zum Mittagessen

The following fringe benefits are included in the price:

-Transfer to and from the hotel in small, comfortable Microbus including chilled soft drinks during the trip

-All entrance fees of the above. Attractions include, additional entries of other attractions are extra (For example, entering a pyramid or the sun in the boat and the Mummy Room Egyptian Museum or the posting of the clay- and light show at the Pyramids).

Our travel tips for the trip from Hurghada to Cairo:

-Buy yourself a packed lunch in the hotel for the trip
-wear loose, light clothing but not too revealing (Shoulders covered, no plunging neckline) if you want respect as an individual tourist, the country's culture
-wear them tight, comfortable shoes, the curbs are high and uneven
-Do not forget your camera
-nehmen Sie sich nur das Nötigste für die Nacht mit, perhaps in a small travel bag

Prices per person:

Prices and the latest information on our tours is available

on our recent (and beautiful!) Page

The prices include accommodation in a 4 *- hotel. If staying in a 5 *- hotel, we calculate 20 EUR extra per person.

When booking we ask for a deposit of 10% , you possibly at a. Cancellation of course get back.

Do you have questions or want to book? Contact us easily through our Contact!

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