Hurghada Luxor 1 Day

Excursion from Hurghada to Luxor 1 Day

Anyone who is interested only halfway for culture, just can not get past the Luxor. The city is full of ancient Egyptian history, and everything is very well preserved. You look not just at a few stones and anticipates the culture, but temples are still in excellent condition and it is not a difficult, understand, how everything looked in front of thousands of years, original. And then you will truly awesome in the face of this imposing building at a time, as it was not even electricity.

Join us Luxor privately in a small group of 2-6 People!
There will be no sales events, so you have more time for sightseeing!

Tempel Luxor mit Inschriften

Luxor Temple with Inscriptions

Luxor is about. 4 Hours from Hurghada removed. They travel, depending on the size of your group in a comfortable car (Limousine) or in a clean, klimatisiertem Microbus. Cooling Soft drinks are available during the tour Luxor and Hurghada and back free of charge. A 5.00 Clock will pick you up from your hotel and can take a break, whenever you want. Against 9.00 Clock to reach Luxor, where are you waiting for perfect services of a guide already on. They visit one of the "most impressive architectural bowing before a god"-the Karnak temple. You will rest in her perfect German Travel Guide by the accumulation of God's performances, which was made in not less than two millennia.
After all the impressions you will surely get hungry, there is thus only once a delicious Egyptian lunch on the original program.

Then it goes over to the other side of the Nile with a motorboat and then with the Microbus in the Valley of the Kings. Since the peace of the dead should be disturbed, attempts were always, his grave to protect against grave robbers. After the 500-year history of Pyramids came the first king on the idea, to hide his grave in the mountains. Many followed him. But nothing has helped grave-robbers were still.
After the Valley of the Kings let you look at the Hatshepsut Temple and explain, exactly why he is there, where he stands. They are the dimensions of, in which one thought at the time, be thrilled!
In the area around Luxor is much reduced alabaster stone. You may want to visit an alabaster factory, To learn more about the mining and processing, and perhaps bring a little reminder.
Against 18.00 Clock is scheduled to return to Hurghada, allowing you to 22.00 Clock with great new experiences back at the hotel are.

memnonkolosse Luxor

The benefits of your trip to Luxor Overview:

-1 Days of German-speaking Luxor Travel Guide, of there only for you is
- Visit the following places in Luxor:
- Karnak Temple
- Photo stop at the Colossi of Memnon
- Valley of the Kings
- Hatshepsut Temple
- Only on request: Alabasterfabrik

The following fringe benefits are included in the price:

reliable transfers to and from the hotel in a small, comfortable microbus (or comfortable car) air conditioning
All entrance fees of the above. Attractions include
Lunch and soft drinks chilled all day on the bus

Our travel tips for the tour Luxor 1 Day:

-organize yourself a wake-up call in the hotel
-i.d.R. Hotels offer a complimentary lunch box, order you one for the road
-Do not forget your camera!
-wear loose, light clothing and comfortable shoes; cover your shoulders and carry you possibly. a hat, They are often in the sun

Prices per person:

Prices and the latest information on our tours is available

on our recent (and beautiful!) Page

To book or have any questions? Contact us by e-mail here.

For a fixed booking we ask for a deposit of 10%, of course you get back if you cancel.

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