Hurghada Jeep safari sunset and barbecue

Wüstentour Ägypten

Desert Tour Egypt

Hurghada Safari Sunset in the desert

Spend a fascinating More in the desert Hurghada and experience the night falls in the Desert

Such a starry sky, you have never seen! You do not have a TV more, when you realize and see the Milky Way satellite. Be a guest at Bedouin and learn about their hard life in the desert, far from everyday worries, concern us.

You will be picked up at the hotel around noon and taken to the meeting point outside of Hurghada. An experienced driver and a reliable Guide take care of you now. The group consists of a maximum of about 15 People, but usually less. Sorry, we can influence but not, whether there are other groups among the Bedouins.

It is around 45 Minutes through the Desert of Egypt at El Gouna (There is the desert less developed for tourism) and experience pure adventure! They do not believe, what a feeling it is, suddenly be too far away from civilization. It opens up a new world and it is only a few kilometers into the Desert into!
Your guide will show you the most beautiful spots for photos and tells you something about the vegetation in the desert.
Upon arrival at the Bedouin village to experience the hospitality of the Bedouins. You will first be invited to a strong Egyptian tea. While you have made themselves comfortable on the floor of a Bedouin tent and sip your tea, The tour guide tells you everything about the life of the Bedouins. Where do they come, how and what they live. Moreover, it, have traditions and customs which they survived. After you have gotten rid of all your questions, explore the village of the Bedouins.
Do you see a water fountain in the middle of the desert and eat the tasty, freshly baked bread of the Bedouin women.
If you want, can ride camels. You will feel like in another world, if you on the back of a camel, the Wilderness experience.
Then your guide will show you the most beautiful place, to the beautiful, clear Sunset to see and photograph.
Back in the village you come over for dinner. The Bedouins have cooked for you and serve you dinner by candlelight, that is, for example, rice with chicken and lamb grilled on a skewer.
After the meal, singing and dancing and although the original Bedouin folklore!
After this nice evening drive back to civilization. But not before making another stop on flat terrain and the most beautiful starry sky view, one can imagine. The air is incredibly clear, not-as in a city. See thousands of stars and find the individual constellations, when no full moon is, You can even see the Milky Way. Something you never forget!
At about 21 Clock are you with wonderful memories back to the hotel.

Jeep in Wüste von Ägypten

Jeep in desert of Egypt

The performances of the Safari in Hurghada with sunset Overview:

-Pick up from hotel
-cool soft drinks in a Jeep
-Visit to the Bedouin village
-Dinner with drinks
-Shisha (Water pipe) smoke

Our travel tips for you:
-the ride in the jeep is a bit choppy, who has serious back problems, should this More not participate
-retreat to the wide, light clothing and sun sensitivity would rather have a hat
-Do not forget your camera!

Prices per person:

Prices and the latest information on our tours is available

on our recent (and beautiful!) Page

You still have questions? Or want to book the Jeep Safari? Contact us by e-mail here.

When booking we ask for a deposit of 12 EUR per person, you possibly at a. Cancellation of course get back.

The departure time depends on the position of the sun. In winter, about 12.00 Uhr, in summer, about 13.0Clockhr. A day before the walk we will contact you at your hotel and let you know the exact time.

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