Cairo Attractions

Die Stadt Cairo, also the gateway to the Orient "is named, is the metropolis Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world. A Trip to Cairo is always worthwhile, because in an impressive way the city connects the Nile cultural treasures of antiquity and modern architecture. Nevertheless, the city is not immune to the problems of a rapidly growing metropolis like overpopulation, Housing and Poverty.

Cairo, in English Cairo, in Arabic Misr el-Cairo (Egypt, the victorious), Capital of Egypt, at the beginning of the Nile Delta, is 7,9 Mio. Einwohnern in 2008 (urban agglomeration 16 Mio. Residents) the largest city in Africa and the Arab world. Cairo is both the political center (Headquarters of the Arab League, Seat of government, the Parliament and Supreme Court) and mental (on 500 Mosques) and economic center not only of Egypt, but of the entire Middle East. Numerous well-known universities and research institutes are based in Cairo, as well as several theater, Operas and museums. Of particular note is the Museum of Islamic Art, the Coptic Museum and the most popular with tourists from all: The Egyptian Museum. Cairo even has a zoological garden.
Cairo is Egypt's most important transportation hub for the rail- and road network, which leads, that all business- and carry trade routes via Cairo. Accordingly, Cairo is also an industrial city (zB. Erdölraffinerie, Food, Textiles- and printing industry) with the stock market, Exhibition Centre, Nilhafen and an international airport, is increased continuously.

City Centre
The downtown Cairo can be simplified in 2 Parts divided: The traditional and the modern. The traditional part of the Nile is far from the Citadel and Mount Muqattam. It is mainly comprised of Islamic Cairo with architectural highlights of the Islamic architecture as the Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Azhar Mosque and the Sultan Hassan Mosque. Among the more than 600 Islamic buildings, the project also Al Hakim Mosque, Al Akmar Mosque, Fixing gates and citadel complex and the Foundation of the Sultan Kalaun out. The old town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are planning a trip to Cairo, you should also schedule, the southeast of the area, the Islamic city of the dead, a necropolis, which is inhabited and is now (almost) like a normal neighborhood is, view.
Modern Cairo developed at the end of the 19. Century. It consists of an imported structure and architecture of Europe. The town is now dominated by tower blocks. A boat trip on the Nile shows this in an impressive way. Many hotels have made the high-rise buildings get their own, the impressive visibility, to the city of Cairo to mark photos as.

The average annual temperature is 21,7 Grad Celsius, The annual rainfall is 24,7 Millimeter. The warmest month – and therefore the worst time to travel- is July with an average 28 Grad Celsius. The coolest month is January with an average 13.9 Grad Celsius. Between November and MarchDegree Celsius sometimes, but only for us German- ridiculous 3,8 to 5,9 Millimeter.Mm
In the period from October to April amounted to the maximum daily values 20-28 Degrees Celsius with a daily sunshine duration of 9-11 Hours. In winter (December-February) subject to maximum daily temperatures also under 20 Degrees Celsius and nighttime lows in 10 Degree Celsius. In Travel At this time it is recommended in all cases, bring jacket and scarf!
In the summer (May-September) It is very hot and it can also occur even sand storms from the south of the country. The daily maximum values of up to 35 Degrees Celsius for a duration of about sunshine. 13 Hours. At night temperatures drop to below not 20 Degree Celsius.
We recommend for the not so heated among us a city break Cairo in the period from September to November and again from February to April.



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