Vegetation in Egypt

Ancient Egyptian wall paintings tell of the once lush vegetation of the country. Today the country has trouble, its over 63 My. to feed residents. Thus it focuses on growing crops. are meadows and forests are not as good as even, Palm trees at most times. Sightings of eucalyptus trees and prickly pears. The sparse tree vegetation consists of yellow flowering acacia Nile, to be found near the shore, also tamarisk trees and flames.

Weather in Egypt

Egypt has a dry climate. Overall, it rains in this country very little. Only the north coast with the city of Alexandria and the Nile Delta, is where the city of Cairo, are influenced Mediterranean and in the winter months (November to February) It's raining now and then. South of Cairo, it rarely rains. The winter temperatures in January between 20-24 Degree Celsius, where at night it cools down very (It is up to temperatures 0 Degrees Celsius possible). In July, the hottest time of the year. Daily temperatures 31-41 Degrees Celsius are possible. But be careful! The great heat is bearable by the low humidity and not comparable with 40 Degrees Celsius in central Europe!


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