A giant, larger than the pyramid

Would you also like a picture of himself? Our guides know the places from which you can make the best pictures. They have a vested interest, the most beautiful parts of their homeland to spread throughout the world.

Interior view of a pyramid

So closely is the course in the middle pyramid of Pharaoh Khafre. It should be reasonably fit to be on his feet-that's not for completely untrained or people with claustrophobia.

Pyramid of the road

As you drive along the road unaware and looks left and-oops- there are already the pyramids! So completely banal side of the road and yet so unique.

Hurghada-Cairo trip 2 Roofs

Experience Cairo on not only day, but also the great night and spend 2 Days there.

*Price from 175 EUR pro Person ink. all entrance fees, 2lunches and 4 * hotel (Country category)
*Gruppengrösse nur 2-6 People
*no transfer charge for El Gouna, Makadi Bay, Safaga

Egypt experience individually

The holiday season is the best time of year. You have worked hard all year, to afford a wonderful holiday and we like to wear our part in! No matter, how to plan your vacation in Egypt, Alex Safari supports you. We make trips individually possible. Far away from large groups and uniformity.
With us, your trips to Egypt an unforgettable experience!
On our site you can already tune into your holiday. With beautiful photos and lots of useful tips for tourists.


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