The city on the Nile

Symphonie aus Chaos, Noise, Dirt and ungovernable, so you have to describe Egypt's capital, Cairo.

But it is true then again not at all. Who makes a trip to Cairo, can observe a unique blend of contrasts. Occident and Orient is a mix here and show the contrast between modernity and tradition, from rich and poor, of progress and old-fashioned. With its many bars and nightclubs Cairo appears at night as west, as during the day, with over 1000 Mosques Islamic acts.

Cairo Attractions

The city of Cairo, also the gateway to the Orient "is named, is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab World. A trip to Cairo is always worthwhile, because in an impressive way the city connects the Nile cultural treasures of antiquity and modern architecture. Nevertheless, the city is not immune to the problems of a rapidly growing metropolis like overpopulation, Housing and Poverty.

Cairo Totenstadt

Die zehntausende Bewohner der Totenstadt leben dort illegal, but the Egyptian government knows not how to help and started at least at some point, Current- to create and water connections. So these people are now living on the graves.


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